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Fi regularly works to commission and is happy to discuss your requirements. If you require wedding rings, engagement rings, re-modelling of old jewellery or birthday gifts, Fi will guide you through the process. The possibilities are endless!

Commemorative Cuff

This cuff was commissioned to commemorate a lost family member. I was asked to include very specific text and it was a true honour to have been entrusted with such a sensitive piece.


Orange Sapphire Pinky Ring

I was given this rather lovely orange sapphire by the client and asked to make her a pinky ring in time for Christmas. The brief was to bezel set the stone on a horizontal surface and this is what I came up with.


Ring Remodel

A lovely lady came and did my stacking rings workshop and brought along some of her old gold jewellery. After she'd made her own rings at the workshop, we discussed melting down her rings and remodelling them. I was very lucky to have been given carte blanche on the project.


Ring meltdown - to become beads

A client came to my studio with a request that I melt down a signet ring he had been bequeathed by a dear old friend. Sadly in my eagerness to start making I didn't take a pic of the ring, although the melted down blob is in the picture. These were the very organic 'beads' I made for him and I managed to use every scrap of the ring.


Pinky Ring

After exhibiting at the Malvern Autumn Show I was commissioned to make this ring for a very small finger. It has accents of 18ct gold on it and the stones are sapphire, tourmaline and peridot. I also made two little rings to stack along side.


Birthday Ring

This ring was made for a return client. I also made the orange sapphire pinky ring for her. She supplied me with the aquamarine and asked me if I could make her a ring for her March birthday. I suggested gold accents and as she likes silver and rose gold this is what I came up with.


Sapphire Ring and stacking rings

This set was made for a 17 year old. They came to the studio with their dad and had just inherited this sapphire and a 30g silver bullion bar pendant. I was asked to reuse the silver and set the stone. I decided to make 5 stackers so that the 17 year old could mix and match and wasn't restricted to wearing the sapphire all the time. 


Contained Stone Pendant

I was brought this hunk of a turquoise stone and asked to create a bespoke pendant for it so that the client could finally wear her beloved stone. She wanted it to look gnarly and tree root like.


Claw Ring

After participating in a local show, I was asked to make this rather flamboyant ring. The client wanted it to be very high and contain this aquamarine. In the process of making it I ended up making three versions. The other two became pendants and contained pebbles.

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