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Maker of Jewellery and Painter

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Welcome to my jewellery collection


Handmade and original jewellery


I started my jewellery making journey about fifteen years ago; beginning with textiles and glass beads but then swiftly moving on to working with and manipulating silver. I now produce unique, handmade jewellery pieces which are mostly made in silver, incorporating precious stones and hints of gold. Jewellery commissions can be discussed and would also be gladly undertaken. My jewellery is inspired by the style of ancient and archaeological pieces and natural forms and aspires to have a very handmade and almost 'dug up' look. I almost feel that my own background subconsciously filters into my designs. Most of the work has been hand forged but more recently I've been using the lost wax casting process. Vibrant colour always plays a large part in both my painting and jewellery.

There are a selection of workshops available at my studio based on jewellery making, printmaking and painting. Workshops can be a fantastic way to learn a new skill or done as a group can be a wonderful joint experience.